Desistart Group has always offered made-to-order rugs. Our company works together with architects, decorators and designers. 
Today, the company’s expansion strategy comprises three distinct business units: PRIVATE RESIDENCES; PRIVATE LABEL and CONTRACT. Delivering rugs for private residences, supplying top international brands or design editors as a manufacturer, and supplying the contract industry across the globe.

We come with our customers for each project from the beginning to the end: All the phases of the process are conducted from the development of production, sample matching and rug presentation to the delivery. This is why we have built strong, sustainable and confidential partnerships with our customers.



From graphic pattern to multi coloured design, Desistart Group rugs are the result of one-of- a-kind creation.
 Our company shares its passion for meaning, sensation and patterns to bring comfort, transform spaces and tell a story.
The client defines the design, the shape and dimensions. The colours, qualities and materials are chosen from a wide range of possible options, however it is also possible to produce special colours. With a team of professionals with over 25 years of experience, our rugs are produced with great attention to detail, finishing and quality control. Our team collaborates directly with our clients to find the perfect solution for your needs, discussing ideas, design and giving technical advices to help the client to define all details relating to your rug.

Our motivation is to help you create your unique rug!



Our rugs offer a long durability, however to ensure a long life to your rug we recommended: Vacuum at least once a week, taking into account the most suitable nozzle of the vacuum cleaner in order to protect your rug. In case of spots must try to clean them as soon as possible with a mild soap solution in warm water if necessary. Absorb the wet spots before they dry is very important. In case of any accident, we advise you to contact a company specialized to clean rugs. The rugs should never be soaked in water. New rugs can drop a bit of fluff in the beginning of its use. This is normal, we advise an aspiration more often at an early stage, disappearing with time. Desistart Group uses the best dyes to ensure a strong resistance to color fading, however there aren’t dyes that are completely resistant to wear caused by the sun. The best solution to mitigate this effect, we recommend you to rotate your carpet when you notice a difference in colour.