At Desistart we specialise in the development and production of exclusively designed and hand-made rugs for the contract, hospitality and residential sectors.
Combining traditional textile techniques with contemporary visual concepts we provide innovative, durable and sustainable design solutions for your project. Our design combines shapes, colours and textures to create unique rugs to suit individual requirements. The quality of our rugs is the result of our commitment to outstanding standards of design and craftsmanship.
We carefully select our artisans and ensure our materials are of the highest quality and from sustainable sources.


Over the years Desistart has completed a wide range of international projects for some of the world’s leading architects, designers and interiors specialists.

With colour as the working theme, Desistart’s rugs range from geometric abstractions to more fluid compositions where Wool, Linen, Eucalyptus and Silk are used as ‘paint’ and the frame and tufting cloth as her ‘canvas’.


All of our rugs can be made with Lyocell, Fame, Lucca, Silk, Cotton, Velvet, Chic, Silklin, Mohair, Mood, Merino, Linen, Felted yarn or Wool (Elite, Prestige and Tricot).
Our woven collection, FlatWeaves, is normally hand-made with pure New Zealand wool.
Our bespoke service is best described as a dialogue between the client and ourselves where together we incorporate colour, dimensions and elements of the site itself into the artwork concept.


All of our rugs are contract quality and fully certified for contract and commercial use. We also provide exclusive design concepts, specialist fitting and installation services.

Desistart rugs possess qualities which enhance the sense of well being of a home, naturally insulating providing and retaining warmth, lowering energy costs and helping to reduce noise levels.


All of our projects are dealt with on a one-off commission basis and great care is taken to ensure our clients’ needs are met. From the design stages through to the final fittings, we are committed to providing high quality products combined with excellent service.

Flatweaves are very hard wearing and can withstand a lot of footfall, meaning they are a perfect solution for stair runners.
We have a team of specialist fitters who will endeavour to meet all of your stair runner needs.