Katty Xiomara collaborates with Desistart in her new collection


Katty Xiomara grabbed New York Fashion Week yesterday with a collection inspired by the music “La Luna y El Toro”. The covers used only on one shoulder, were developed especially for the fashion show in such unlikely material as the passion of the bull: carpet. “In some way I wanted to simulate the bullfighter’s cape, which usually has a small initial cover and only then another long, that they drop or roll in the arm”, explains Katty Xiomara.

The initial cover is precisely the one that is carpeted – and no, in the designer’s universe is not red.

“The collection focuses on the most neutral tones, from beige to white, through blue, black and pearly tones and silver”, says Katty Xiomara, “and each color is exploited in various shades”. A trip between day and night that in New York passerelle was entitled to indie rock soundtrack – not Gipsy Kings – and the room full.

A textile catalog transformed into a collection that lives “of many silhouettes and many textures” and that, once again, seeks to conquer the North American market where Katty Xiomara Where already has 15 points of sale.


Michael Banks designs Notte and Optics.


Notte and Optics are the result of recent collaboration with the British Photographic Artist Michael Banks.

British photo-artist Michael Banks is widely credited with creating some of the most exciting and unique art in today’s contemporary art scene. His highly original abstract photo-art has led to collaborations with international architects, interior designers and galleries, with his art being specified for high-profile international hospitality, corporate and private interiors. His art has been featured extensively in the international art & design press. His client list is a “who’s who” of publically quoted corporations and global hotel chains spanning the UK, Europe, USA, the Middle and Far East, as well as a select group of internationally recognised private collectors.

Optics brings us to a geometric abstract imagery that resembles a color spectrum. Its color and movement lead us to an image that was fragmented and then rebuilt in its final composition. Optics is a contemporary rug that suits the most diverse spaces.

Notte recreates the night imaginary. Mysterious and silent allows us to build images with light effects that are only possible at night. Abstraction prevails in this exercise becoming impossible to replicate this experience. Notte creates a link between the photographic work and painting resulting in a harmonious rug.

michael banks collection

banner royal


colecções, Últimas

Royal is a rug inspired in classic patterns that can be found in the Baroque style. Establishes a perfect dialogue between a classic style and a contemporary touch, resulting in a sober and elegant rug. Using only one color, the pattern is revealed by a low relief carved by hand. Color plays a key role, making it discreet or more vibrant, depending on the taste of each.

Hand tufted rug. Made with 100% New Zealand wool and Viscose, cut pile by 18mm height. Dimensions 170 cm x 240cm. Customizable in color and dimensions.

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