With an history that goes back to 1988, Desistart is located in a small town in the north of Portugal, it started off as a small manufacture and quickly evolved into a large-scale organization. The company offers two different production techniques: the Hand-tufting, and the Hand-woven. All of them are operated by talented artisans who share a passion for handcrafted carpets and rugs.Creating a Desistart carpet is a unique experience. No details are left at random: the staff is always available to help and advise on new trends, colors, textures and materials. The whole process starts in-house, with a talented team of designers and artisans working in cooperation with our clients, whether it is a residential or a contract project. They strive for perfection, bearing in mind that excellence is the keyword to the company’s success.
As innovation is one of Desistart’s advantage, production methods and processes have been improving ever since the company was founded. By doing so, we were able to put forward new techniques and develop its production, without ever neglecting the origins of the art of weaving.