2014 May


Nothing to Hide by Atelier Abroad

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“Nothing to Hide” is the result of collaboration with Atelier Abroad and Desistart Group for its collection.

Based on the expression “sweep under the rug”, used in situations where people want to hide something negative from the others, a new rug concept was created. The rug “Nothing to Hide” uses this expression in a positive way, creating a surprising effect by the colour hidden behind and at the same time, showing there is nothing underneath, there is nothing to hide. By using a visual illusion of a fold, its possible to create unexpected colour combinations. The resulting edge transforms the standard circular shape and allows the rug to be placed both in a center position of a space and where a straight edge is needed. 
“Nothing to Hide” is a handmade rug made of 100% New Zealand wool. The colour combinations can be customized. 

Atelier Abroad is an international design-collaboration, between the Product Designers, Rita Botelho and Philipp Grundhöfer.
Rita grew up in Portugal and studied design in Lisbon. After working in Japan and Benetton’s research centre FABRICA in Italy, she joined ECAL’s (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne) Master course in Product Design. Philipp was born in Germany. He made an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker and studied Interior Design in Stuttgart before attending ECAL, where both have met.

Special thanks to The Lisbonaire apartments, site of the photo shoot.


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Desistart Group highlighted in Invest Magazine

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Invest is a magazine specialized in the fields of business, politics, economy and regional development, a proactive defender of journalism. It’s a magazine focused on entrepreneurship, investments, or for those who want to invest. For those who like to analyze, compare and then decide. It is primarily a magazine that intends to leverage ideas, opportunities and present interesting examples that work, that make a difference on the market.

You can see below the complete interview with Henrique Ferreira, owner of Desistart Group.